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"Photographs of people are often frzen motion -- the moment made eternal.  In nature photography, the opposite applies... eternity is frozen and made into a moment.  we are granted a glimpse of eternity itself."

-- Gundmundar Andri Thorsson

Tranquility, silence, harmony... qualities that are becoming increasingly rare in our frenetic, often chaotic 21st-century world, a place in which we live and work to a constant soundtrack of man-made noise.  In contrast, it is my hope that the sounds evoked from my Iceland photographs are mostly eternal sounds of God's great creation -- the sighing of the wind, the lapping of waves, the cracking of a glacier, the hissing of steam and the unchanging roar of a waterfall!

Now that's not to say that we didn't come across and have fun creating a little noise of our own while traveling around this secluded Scandinavian country!  You'll see some clear and present energy that coexists with the elemental world where man largely has not and does not exist!  And it is these very qualities of peace, quiet and solitude that we were seeking in Iceland after spending several weeks galloping throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (stay tuned)!  Needless to say, Mission Accomplished!

Get Lost In Iceland -- I strongly recommend it!!

Lycka Till!  Tills vi möts igen!

-- Ken Carlson --