Great Britain

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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is a reality

-- John Lennon

My Wife, Katrina, and I have been dreaming about taking the kids to Great Britain and exposing them to the multitude of riches she possesses for some time now.  So... last summer we finally took the proverbial plunge and made that dream a reality!

We experienced those historical riches everywhere we visited in England, Wales and Scotland!  How could you not?  From London's terrifying Tower Bridge to the stoic stones of Stonehenge to the cadre of castles in Conwy to all things Fab Four in Liverppol to Harry Potter's filming locations at Ainwich Castle to rubbing elbows with William Wallace's legacy in Edinburgh -- our collective head's were spinning with non-stop stimulation, a veritable sensory overload!

So stop fannying around and take a gander about me cracking photos which some think are the dog's bollocks, you know, top drawer material!  Now don't be dodgy and take a donkey's years to get yourself bloody sorted!  All right, mate?

"Bob's Your Uncle and Fanny's Your Aunt" Cheers!

-- Ken Carlson --