Gibraltar & France

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"Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner."

-- Author Unknown

Then what, exactly, does make one a "photographer?" Strong compositional skills? Ability to manipulate image? Choice of subject matter? Journalistic intent? Good timing? Luck? A combination of the above? As I've alluded to before, photography is truly a way of life for me. I strive to infuse each photograph I “make” with the same creative, passionate and adventurous spirit with which I live my life. Through my photography, I hope to offer truth and inspiration about the world in which we live and a unique, even painterly, perspective on life. Perhaps a flowery way of advocating interaction with your subject matter! I hope I achieved that in this week's offerings from the series of Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar to the religious iconography of Southern France. See if you agree. Remember to get involved in each image you take and I guarantee you'll see an impact in your photos immediately! It's the proverbial difference between buying your camera and owning your photographs! Life lessons! 

-- Ken Carlson --