Galapagos Islands

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"A man who dares to watch one hour of life has not discovered the value of life"

-- Charles Darwin

Listen to Mr. Darwin -- waste not one more hour! Go ahead and visit the spectacular islands of the Galapagos where you may discover the true value of life! So magical is this archipelago of volcanic islands, located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, my wife and I have journeyed there not once, but twice already (and we are sure to return!). These "Enchanted Islands" boast of some of the most remarkable wildlife ever to inhabit one location. For instance, on the island of Española you will stare in astonishment at the persnickety Blue-footed Boobies as monstrous Marine Iguanas arduously swim past your dinghy. On Floreana you'll happen upon Flightless Cormorants cheering on their winged cousins, the Galapagos Penguins, as they navigate the confluence of currents. Then, on the only human inhabited island in the Galapagos, you’ll come across a 60 to 90 year-old Giant Land Tortoise named Lonesome George still looking for love!  If being underwater is your thing, scuba diving and snorkeling will transport you to a world full of green sea turtles, penguins, bottlenose dolphins, marine iguanas, sea lions, sharks and a multitude of exotic fish! Humans should take a cue from this eclectic range of species, which have so impressively learned to coexist for countless of centuries! I found myself gawking more than taking pictures... enjoy what I did manage to digitally preserve!

Hope your 2009 is off to a harmonious start! Remember -- waste not, want not!

Now go and explore!

-- Ken Carlson --