Chile / Argentina

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"You can catch the moment, and once it's caught,
you can see it forever."

-- John Loengard --


On my way to Antarctica, I hopped, skipped and jumped to and through Santiago, Valparaiso (Chile) and Ushuaia (Argentina).  Juxtaposed against the raw beauty of Antarctica these images of urban milieu seem just as alive but in an entirely different way.

My travel companion, Philip Amoils, and I explored these cityscapes with as much gusto as two "oaks" could possibly muster.  The vibrant colors of the streets and sidewalks convinced me to exercise a dollop of patience by sitting tight and letting scenes unfold in front of me. For instance, the image "Lip Service" took 12 to 15 minutes to capture just by hanging and working with the available elements.  Actually the one's who showed the most patience were Philip and our guide as I sprawled across the dirty sidewalk waiting for a mangy perro to fill an empty void.  The lesson here -- Learn to anticipate, do not force!  A series of thirteen shots were taken on my Nikon D3S to nab my hero shot which, by the way, ended up being one of my absolute favorite images of my South American trip!

Moral(s) of the story?  Take your proverbial time when shooting artistic shots, allow things to unfold around you, be sensitive to your immediate environment, trust your compositional skills and don't be afraid to take a risk!  And, one more salient point, travel with patient and forgiving friends like Phillip (and, of course, my family on most trips)!

Next I'll be taking you to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos!  
Can you say, "Angkor Wat?!"

Remember that patience almost always pays off!

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-- Kenneth --