Antarctica II

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"Funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get!"

--Arnold Palmer--

Due to the overwhelming response to the first gallery of Antarctica images, and the multitude of questions that were subsequently raised, it was more than evident to me that I had some "splaining" to do!

First things first, yes... that is me in the dive suit.  I had the good fortune (thanks to Sven Lindblad's "don't say no to me" policy) to go drysuit diving in Port Lockroy Bay in 29 degree Fahrenheit water with an agitated female leopard seal lurking nearby. Thanks to David Doubilet, Nat Geo's venerable underwater photographer, the intense dive was forever preserved digitally!  Nothing like diving with the best!

Secondly, yes... that is Philip Amoils (a.k.a. Back-peddler) and me kayaking amongst dozens of killer whales in the narrow passage known as the Gullet!  Wisps of Orca breath wafted about as we witnessed these behemoths spy-hopping all around us!  Philip continuously checked his shorts while Sven captured the exhilarating moment(s) from his safe and dry perch aboard his Zodiac!

Thirdly, yes... that is me surfing the icebreaking bulbous bow of the 370ft Explorer thanks, again, to our fearless and audacious leader, Sven Lindblad.  And, no... there are no photos of Philip doing such an absurd stunt (but there are of Sven)!  Philip dubbed me, "The Surfin' Cowboy" which seemed to have stuck for the remainder of the cruise (and then some)!

No doubt I was extremely lucky to do so many incredible firsts on this expedition
but in order to "get lucky" and capture the images you see in these galleries I
had to get my proverbial reps in (and that's what this trip helped me do)!  Now if
only I could only succeed in the photographic game like Arnold Palmer does in
his golf game I'd be really getting somewhere!!

Antarctica will forever be in my heart!  Next, I'll be taking you to Chile and Argentina
-- a completely different experience!

Here's to "getting lucky!"

-- Ken Carlson --